Why is life so unfair?  Why is one person born destitute whereas another is wealthy and privileged?  Why are some people physically or mentally handicapped?  Why is society so full of violence, hatred and mistrust?  Why is there so much religious and racial intolerance?  Why are scientists so revered? Why are our political systems so corrupt?  Where is God?  The questions abound and this volume tackles them all but it doesn’t stop there.  It goes on to explain there is a better way if we only have the courage to take it.
         You want to know more about mysticism, meditation, the power of the spirit, the spiritual path, life after death, mediums and their gifts, the holistic approach to life?  This is the book for you.
       A spiritual ‘tour de force’, it claims humanity is ego driven, materialistic and deeply unhappy.  Science, riddled with conservatism, enslaved by its paymasters and unjustifiably deified:  Religion seduced from its spiritual path by the siren call of temporal power:  Self-serving politicians:  Greed and avarice:  All have played their part.
   Using authoritative examinations of Materialism, Theology, Mysticism, Spiritualism, as well as giving comprehensive advice on Meditation and seeking Communion with the Spiritual World, a compelling case is made for a more spiritual approach to living.  The work of Spiritualist mediums and how their gifts function have never been described in a more comprehensive way.  The role of the ego is dissected and how best we can subject it to the control of our higher, spiritual selves is explained in simple, easy-to-understand language. 
     This book should find a permanent place on the bookshelves of all reasoning people, even the most cynical.  For those at their wits end who are crying out “Please God Why?” it provides a beacon of hope.

Learn about meditation, Spirit Photography, Materialisation and more for only £5 + P&P

Is there a better way?  This book will answer your questions about life, death and beyond
Testimonial for "Please God Why?" by Kevin Lee, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Nurse Anaesthetist: Trainee  Minister: Developing Medium)

I have read many books over the past 8 years on this Intuitive Path that includes mediumship in all its forms.  I consider myself well-read and quite knowledgeable on all such subjects.  Lionel's book "Please God Why?" was an excellent read that kept me in its grip with many new ideas and concepts regarding mediumship, especially from a spiritual perspective that I have not considered before.  That's hard to do!  I enjoyed learning of new mediums and situations I had not read of before including his first hand and family member's accounts.