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I was born in England between two world wars, have seen huge advances in technology but not many in human spiritual understanding.  I lived in Rio, Brasil for eight years but have now moved to South Africa.

I am fascinated by words and love reading poetry and well written books.  I guess this is why I became a writer.  Music is a great love and though Mozart and the great classical composers are my favourites, I also enjoy pop and indigenous music like Samba and Tango.

I am a lifelong Spiritualist - the fascinating story of how my grandfather became a Spiritualist is on my Blog - so have always believed in eternal life.  Encouraged to develop as a medium at an early age, I have been fortunate to work all over the world sharing my mediumship and trying to teach others to develop theirs.  Many well known mediums have helped me and are my friends and teachers.

I have taught at Britain's "University of Spiritualism," the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science, Stansted Hall and was for nine years President of The International Spiritualist Federation.

I have written THREE books

"The Gift." A moving story of Robert, a young boy with psychic gifts that set him apart from his fellows.  Learning to cope with that is difficult enough but he also has to cope with the second world war bombing in Liverpool and being sent away to the country on his own for safety reasons. 

"Please God Why?" Examines human spiritual evolution and the conflict between ego and spirit.  It includes guidelines for living a more rewarding and less stressful life, detailed advice on meditation, a most comprehensive description of all forms of mediumship and advice on working with the spiritual world.  It is a must for all serious students of our threefold nature.

"The Keepsake" My third book has recently been published in the USA.  It is about a beautiful but tragic love affair and the spiritual blessings that flow from it, as well as including a fascinating description of nineteenth century mediumship in California.